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[UPDATE from 01-09-16] I found out this restaurant recently closed down. A real pity. Let’s hope someone takes over and it reopens soon!

If you visit Puebla de Alcocer (in the Siberia area) there are two things you must do—visit the castle and eat at La Alacena del Castillo. The castle is all the about the views. The restaurant is all about the food, and about the views too.

Puebla de Alcocer might not be on your main route, but it makes a perfect day trip if you are based in Mérida or Trujillo. And the views of the area are worth the trip, believe me.

La Alacena del Castillo, Puebla de Alcocer, Extremadura

Views of Alacena del Castillo and the surrounding area from the castle.

Here are my impressions of La Alacena del Castillo:

The place

La Alacena del Castillo has two different areas where you can eat. On the ground-level floor there is a café-bar with a semi-circular balcony with spectacular panoramic views over the surrounding area and the reservoirs.

The restaurant area is on the lower floor and it has the same splendid views that the café-bar, although there is no balcony here.

La Alacena del Castillo, Puebla de Alcocer, Extremadura


I’ve been to this place for lunch twice in the café-bar area. On our first visit the restaurant was packed (we hadn’t booked and it was right before Christmas). The á la carte menu was not available and we went for some raciones to share.

wild mushrooms, asparagus

Spanish-style scramble eggs with wild mushrooms and asparagus.

On our second visit (we went mid-week and after Easter) the place was almost empty and the restaurant area was closed, so we sat at the café-bar area again.

The staff was very attentive, even on our first visit, when the place was full. During our second visit we had the waitress’ full attention and she took her time at suggesting wines and reply our questions about local sights.

The food

On our second visit we went for à la carte menu and white wine from Aceuchal (Extremadura).

These are the courses we ordered:


Salmorejo con virutas de jamón de bellota y huevo cocido de codorniz

Gazpacho-style tomato soup with Iberian ham shavings and boiled quail egg

Price €5.90

No picture, sorry. Somebody started eating before I could even take my camera out of the bag!

Rulo de cabra con cebolla caramelizada y mermelada de frutos rojos

Slices of goat’s cheese on toast with caramelized onion and red berries jam

Price: €10

La Alacena del Castillo, Puebla de Alcocer, Extremadura

Parrillada de verduras con vinagreta de frutos secos

Char-grilled vegetables (peppers, courgette, wild mushrooms) with nuts dressing

Price: €8.80

char-grilled vegetables

Huge portion for a starter!


Presa ibérica a la brasa con setas y salsa de manzana

Grilled Iberian pork (cut located between the rear part of the pig’s neck and the shoulder) with wild mushrooms and apple sauce.

Price: €13.50

 Iberian pork with apple sauce

Solomillo ibérico envuelto en hojaldre relleno de paté ibérico y cebolla confitada

Pastry stuffed with Iberian solomillo (best pork cut, located right under the loin), Iberian pâté and caramelized onion, served with potatoes and red peppers

Price: €11.50

Iberian pork with Iberian paté and caramelized onion


Brownie de chocolate con helado de vainilla

Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream

Price: €4.50

 chocolate brownie

Tarta de queso con mermelada de frambuesa

Cheesecake with raspberry jam

Price: €4


Tarta de tres chocolates

Three chocolate cake

Price: I cannot remember exactly, but I am pretty sure it was under €5.

Three chocolate cake

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La Alacena del Castillo on a map

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