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Are you an active Instagram user? Are you looking for inspiration for your trip to my beloved Extremadura? Then this post is for you. I have selected the 7+1 Instagram accounts you should follow if you like Extremadura.

Whether you are interested in urban escapes, food, nature, sports or hidden places, here you’ll find something you like.


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1. @lourdes_senderuelos

Lourdes is a fellow travel blogger I met last year at the #TBMPlasencia. In her account, you’ll find mostly pictures of Extremadura, especially of historic places and nature, and also of neighbouring Portugal.

Lourdes Senderuelos


2. @victor_manuel_pizarro

Victor is a professional photographer and is passionate about Extremadura and rural tourism. Follow him for incredibly inspirational high-quality images.

Victor Manuel Pizarro


3. @planve_guia_de_ocio

This is the IG account of plan Ve, a tourism and leisure guide to northern Extremadura. Follow them for inspiration and ideas of what to do in that part of the region.

Plan Ve


4. @valledeljerte

The Jerte Valley is one of the most beautiful areas in Extremadura. This account shares own and third parties’ images of villages, natural spots and sports practising in the area.


5. @estaes_extremadura

This account compiles third parties’ pictures of all things Extremadura, from monuments to unique places and nature.

estaes extremadura


6. @safariextremadura

Safari Extremadura is a company that organizes 4×4 guided tours and photography courses around Extremadura. On their IG account they share beautiful images of their adventures in nature.



7. @caceresturismo

This account is dedicated to its author’s hobby – taking pictures of landscapes and villages of Extremadura. Follow this for visual inspiration about nature, trekking and villages in the Cáceres province.



8. @icrtranslations

And lastly… I encourage you to follow my IG account. Although not exclusively dedicated to Extremadura (I share images about translation work, life in Scotland, travel and books, too), I still publish pictures of Extremadura on a regular basis. Worth checking it out.




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