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Looking for a place to eat when you are starving and tired after an intensive sightseeing morning session is not a good idea. You just want to sit down for a bit and the last thing you want is to wander around comparing local restaurants. You just want to eat. And soon.

That is how I was feeling during my last trip to Caceres. It was a last-minute day trip and I had not had the time to check local restaurants. Therefore, we just decided to head to the main square for lunch and ended up at Restaurante La Minerva.


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I really hate it when waiters stand outside a restaurant looking for clients. As soon as I checked this restaurant’s menu I was approached by a chatterbox. He started speaking about tapas, daily menus and specials at such speed and in such an incomprehensible way I felt overwhelmed. I just wanted to shut him up and, as the daily menu (and the price) looked good, we decided to eat there.

The place turned out to be excellent and was full shortly after we arrived. We went for the daily menu (starter + main + dessert for €12), but I may try the tapas next time I go. They looked yummy. Although there is nothing better than eating outside enjoying the autumn sun, the restaurant has a stylish and modern décor, so you may want to eat or have an evening drink inside in winter.

The only downside I found was that not only the English translation of the menu was poor, but also two mains (two of the best Iberian pork cuts) were missing in the English version. Was that on purpose or what?

Anyway, here are the courses we ordered:


Ensalada de hojas tiernas y queso de cabra

Mixed leaf salad with goat’s cheese, roasted peppers, crunchy fried onion and a delicious dressing with paprika.

mix leaf salad

Pasta casera con torta del Casar y boletus

Homemade pasta with wild mushrooms and torta del Casar (a PDO cheese made from raw sheep’s milk with a spreadable and creamy texture and very intense flavour)

homemade pasta, wild mushrooms, cheese

Main course

Presa ibérica

Grilled Iberian pork presa (cut located between the rear part of the pig’s neck and the shoulder) served with grilled vegetables and fried potatoes.

Iberian pork presa


Flan de huevo casero

Homemade egg caramel custard, similar to crème caramel.

 egg caramel custard, flan

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