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Piggy Traveller may be the first Extremadura-related blog in English written by a local, but it’s certainly not the only one to write about my beloved Spanish home region. Recently, I decided to compile some of the most interesting posts in English about Extremadura from fellow travel bloggers. And this is what I’ve come up with…

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Extremadura countryside

1. Autonomous community spotlight: Extremadura

Cat, from the blog Sunshine and Siestas, dedicates one of her Autonomous Community Spotlight articles to Extremadura, and it’s a good starting point if you have never heard of this place.

2. A beginner’s guide to Extremadura

Another good introduction to some of the most popular destinations in the regions. Julia Hammond shares her first trip to Extremadura, accompanied by some great pictures.

3. A non-salesly guide on what to see in Cáceres, Extremadura

No trip to Extremadura is complete without visiting Cáceres. Will Peach, from My Spanish Adventure, provides a non-salesy guide on what you can do during your trip.

4. Are you going to Za-fa-ra fair…?

Zafra is a beautiful town in Badajoz province, home to an international farming event that takes place very October. Sue, from Hidden Spain, has been a regular at the fair for a few years and tells you all about it on this post.

5. Trujillo: a stroll through Spain’s most romantic village

Trujillo has recently been named one of Spain’s most beautiful towns. Learn why Lauren, an American expat in Spain and author of Spanish Sabores, considers it to be Spain’s most romantic village.

6. Ode to Picotas (Picota Cherries)

Saying that Extremadura famous picota cherries are the world’s best wouldn’t be too objective, if it’s me who says that. But if that comes from someone else, it’s fine. So read this beautifully written ode to picotas by Cassandra, from Gee Cassandra blog.

7. A day trip to Extremadura – idyllic countryside and a medieval hilltop monastery

Sevilla-based Fiona, author of Scribbler in Seville, tells us about a little excursion by car to the south of Extremadura, country walking and her visit to Tentudía monastery.

8. I lived in a Spanish village for 8 months, and it changed me forever

New Yorker Casie, from A wandering casiedilla, moved to the small town of Fregenal de la Sierra to teach English in a local secondary school. The article talks about how the experience changed her, how she got used to the Spanish slow pace of life. The best read about what it means to live in rural Extremadura I’ve seen so far.

9. Golden bands

Martin Kelsey is a birdwatching lover based in Extremadura whose blog, Birding Extremadura is dedicated to… Yes, you got it right! This article includes great descriptions of how beautiful the countryside is in autumn in the Villuercas Mountains.

10. Cáceres

This is a guest post from professional photographer Kerry Murray for Mr Hudson Explores. A good introduction about what to expect from Cáceres province and gorgeous images that will make you get on a plane right now.

11. 5 Places Off The Beaten Track in Spain

Nomad traveller Meg, from Meander with Meg, shares her top 5 Spanish destinations off the beaten track. And guess what? Three of them are in Extremadura. Discover why she liked Mérida, Alcántara and Sierra de Gata so much.

12. Escape to Extremadura

Extremadura is a place to escape, whatever you want to escape from. Luke Darracott travels to northern Extremadura and his local friends show him around La Vera area. And I can see he had a pretty good time!

13. Dining in a Monastery Cloister in the ORIGINAL Guadalupe

Extremadura isn’t a particularly vegan-friendly destination, but it seems Wendy, from Nomadic Vegan, had a pleasant food experience. Read her article about her trip to Guadalupe, one of Extremadura’s three Unesco sites.

14. Pit Stop: Valle del Jerte, Spain

Ang and Ryan, from Jets like Taxis, travel with their little dog Louis through Extremadura and stop at Jerte Valley to explore an area they previously never even had thought about. The article covers all aspects of the trip, from accommodation, to visiting, to road to food.

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