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Ahigal is not a place you actually want to go to, but a place you just happen to stay to go somewhere else. After visiting the ghost town of Granadilla we spent the night in Villa Cardadorum in Ahigal. We chose this accommodation because the location was very convenient to reach the final destination of our road trip in northern Extremadura. The place was booked via Booking.com and has an amazing score of 9.4/10. I highly recommend it.


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Here are my impressions about it:

The room

Villa Cardadorum, Ahigal. Double room.

We booked a double ensuite room with no breakfast included. The room was big, with good quality wooden furniture and was spotlessly clean. There were some welcome sweeties on the table for us to enjoy when we arrived.

The bathroom was absolutely huge and everything was clean, modern and in good order. Both the room and the bathroom had external views (the bedroom even had a balcony).

Villa Cardadorum, Ahigal. Bathroom.

I had the feeling we were the only guests in the house and the place was nice and quiet. The only thing I heard during my stay were some goats and the frogs from the pond in the garden.

The house

The house is a gorgeous countryside villa outside the small town of Ahigal. There are only six rooms in the house, so it’s perfect for a quiet and relaxing stay in the middle of nowhere (literally). There is a common room, kitchen and terrace, but we didn’t really make use of them, as we spent the day away. There is quite a lot of room for parking (for free) at the entrance.

Villa Cardadorum, Ahigal.

The staff

Jorge was very welcoming and helped us a lot with tips to find places to eat in Ahigal and providing us with a map and a mini-guide with ideas on what to see in northern Extremadura. Even though we chose to book the room without breakfast he said we could have free tea and milk in the morning. When we went down to the kitchen for a glass of milk he was very keen on us trying local pastries, so he offered some for free!


Villa Cardadorum, Ahigal.

Lovely views from our room.

The location was quite convenient for us, as we were coming from Granadilla and heading west to Robledillo de Gata the next day. It is, therefore, a convenient place to stay at if you are visiting the most northern areas of Extremadura.

There is only one problem with the location—it is quite hard to find. The address advertised (Agapito Monforte) isn’t the right one, although the location shown on the map is.

We spent ages trying to find the house and ended up in another nearby town. We even asked local people in the main square and nobody seemed to know that place existed. It isn’t signposted either, so it made it very difficult to find it. We basically tried all different roads until we spot the house.

The correct address is Ctra. Pantano de las Cumbres km 1, 10650 Ahigal. No matter if you enter Ahigal from road CC-12.3, CC-12.2 or CC-13.4, you’ll end up in the main street (calle Agapito Monforte). From there you should take Calle Sta. Marina (it will be on your right if you enter from CC-12.3 or CC-12.2). The street name will change to Calle Santa Lucía (you’ll see a school on your left). Continue until you are basically outside town and keep going for a few hundred meters, when the road becomes a country road. At that point you’ll spot the big brick house. You need to turn right and continue for a few minutes.


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Villa Cardadorum on a map

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