Badajoz – Southeast

Visiting the former Roman city of Regina in southern Extremadura

When I told a friend from my hometown I had been to Regina that day, I received ‘No idea what that is’ for an answer. That’s yet another proof that, as far as tourist promotion and marketing is concerned, Extremadura ranks low. Regina is a former Roman city located in...

Restaurants in Llerena: Hospedería Mirador de Llerena

If you’re looking for a good place to eat in Llerena during your trip to Extremadura, I got a recommendation for you – Hospedería Mirador de Llerena, Hospederías are hotels located in historical buildings and offering 4-star accommodation. We could say that they are...

Southern charm: Llerena

‘It has a southern feel’. That’s what I thought during my first stroll in Llerena, even before reaching the main square. Its two-storey whitewashed houses, big windows with wrought iron grilles and old-style roller blinds reminded me of Jerez de los Caballeros,...

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