Where to go

Extremadura has two provinces: Cáceres to the north, and Badajoz to the south. To help you decide where to go in Extremadura when planning your trip, I’ve divided each province into four different areas, mentioning a few highlights.

Use the maps to check which areas you like the most, and then click on the corresponding area title to know more.

CÁCERES – Northwest

Highlights include Sierra de Gata and Las Hurdes, Extremadura’s most remote areas.

CÁCERES – Southwest

Highlights include the city of Cáceres (UNESCO site), Alcántara’s Roman bridge, and GoT location Los Barruecos.


CÁCERES – Northeast

Highlights include Monfragüe National Park (birdwatching), the city of Plasencia, and Jerte Valley (cherry blossom and natural pools).

CÁCERES – Southeast

Highlights include the city of Trujillo, Guadalupe’s Monastery (UNESCO site), and the Villuercas-Ibores-Jara Geopark.

BADAJOZ – Northwest

Highlights include Mérida (UNESCO city), the city of Badajoz, and the Tierra de Barros wine area.

BADAJOZ – Southwest

Highlights include the city of Zafra, Monesterio’s Ham Museum, and historical towns Jerez de los Caballeros and Fregenal de la Sierra.


BADAJOZ – Northeast

Highlights include Medellín’s Roman theatre, Orellana reservoir, and La Siberia area (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve). 

BADAJOZ – Southeast

Highlights include the former Roman city of Regina, and Zalamea’s southern architecture.