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This might come as a shock but… I do not drink wine. Yes, I am Spanish and I do not drink wine. At least I did not until a year ago. The weird thing is that I love cooking with wine. Meatballs, pasta with ragù, chicken casserole and many other dishes I make have wine. I wonder whether it is the taste of alcohol in wine I do not like? Who knows!

I started drinking wine (very occasionally, though) about a year ago and I blame a white wine from Extremadura called Primavera Blanco. I had not heard of it until suddenly everybody started talking about it. Some of my friends and even my mum (a non drinker) became good fans of it, so when I went home in December last year I gave it a try at a Christmas dinner with friends at a local restaurant in Don Benito.

White wine Primavera Blanco

I could not believe I liked it. Me. Liking wine. That was news. It tasted so soft, sweet and fruity and was so easy to drink! I have tried hundreds of wines with the hope of getting into it, but to no avail. What did they do with Primavera Blanco to make it so drinkable?

A few weeks afterwards I watched a video where a representative of Bodegas Sani, the producers, explained how the wine was made. She said this particular wine was targeting first-time drinkers and could get people into liking wine. Well, they certainly succeeded with me and many people I know, so give it a try when you are in Extremadura.

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Irene Corchado Resmella

Irene Corchado Resmella

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