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El plato

One day, the main topic of a French class at my secondary school was food. We were talking about whether people in Spain and France have two courses or just a main meal for lunch. A classmate said ‘Well. At my house, we only have the main course, and then el plato.’ I...

9 unmissable treats you need to try in Extremadura

Food and drink are two of the most powerful elements that make a travel destination appealing, and this is particularly true in Extremadura. If you’re a real foodie who would only consider trying local food when travelling, make sure you take note of these 9...

On Extremadura summers

The first time R visited my hometown of Don Benito we walked through one of the local parks. Far from impressed, he said in a sad voice ‘parks here are made of dirt’. The word ‘park’ conveys quite a different image in the UK and Extremadura. No lush green areas with...

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