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If you’re looking for a good place to eat in Llerena during your trip to Extremadura, I got a recommendation for you – Hospedería Mirador de Llerena,

Hospederías are hotels located in historical buildings and offering 4-star accommodation. We could say that they are the less grandiose-looking (and less expensive) versions of paradores. They have good quality restaurants which are the safest bet for any type of travellers, as they usually have varied menus which include vegetarian and gluten-free options.

During my recent visit to Llerena, I went to the local hospedería with my parents for a late lunch, and I truly recommend the place.


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First things first: The food

There are different menus to choose from, with several menus for €25 per person, a tasting menu for €37 and a fixed menu of the day for €15 per person. We decided to go for the daily fixed menu, which includes 3 courses, bread and a soft drink or a glass of house wine for €15.

We arrived late, just before 3pm, and the restaurant was completely empty. That meant we enjoyed a quiet meal and a quick service.

These are the courses we ordered:


Sopa de ajo, jamón y pimentón

Garlic soup with bread, ham, egg and paprika.

sopa de ajo, mirador de llerena


Ensalada extremeña de queso frito y verduras salteadas

Extremadura-style salad with fried cheese balls and grilled vegetables. The cheese balls were amazing. No soft cheese here, but a creamy mature sheep milk cheese.

ensalada, mirador de llerena

Main courses

Bacalao con alioli

Baked cod loin, served with courgette, aioli and berries sauce.

 baked cod, mirador de llerena


Solomillo de cerdo a la naranja

Iberian pork, served with Iberian ham, an orange-based sauce and roasted potatoes.

iberian pork, mirador de llerena



Spanish-style bread pudding served with vanilla ice-cream and cinnamon.

torrijas, mirador de llerena


Tarta helada con frutos rojos

Soft cheese ice-cream-like cake with berries and mango sauce.

 cheese ice-cream cake, mirador de llerena


Fruta natural cortada

Fresh fruit. Simple.

fresh fruit, mirador de llerena

The building

The main entrance leads to a beautiful patio with a small fountain in the middle and white marble floors. Look up to see the fantastic stained glass ceiling displaying a red and green star-like pattern.

The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the building, with access from the patio. It’s a not too big room with high ceilings and pretty, patterned floor tiles and big windows.

mirador de llerena, Extremadura

After finishing our meal, the waitress asked whether we wanted to go upstairs to the roof terrace and the viewpoint (mirador, hence the name of the building) to enjoy the views. Yes, please. Thank you. She gave us the keys and provided detailed instructions on how to get there: take the lift to the first floor, take the stairs to the roof terrace, then take the stairs to the little room, get in using the key, and then climb up the spiral staircase to the viewpoint. And so, we did.

The views from the top are amazing – a 360º view over the town centre and the outskirts. It was too bright for an amateur photo taker like me to come up with good pictures, but I hope the pictures below gives you a good idea of what to expect.

glass ceiling, mirador de llerena

mirador de llerena views

We truly enjoyed the experience, and I’d recommend eating here if you are ever around Llerena. I can’t say much about the quality of the accommodation, but I bet it doesn’t disappoint either.

Mirador de Llerena: practical info

Address: Calle Aurora, 7, Llerena
Phone: +34 924 870 597
Website: http://en.hospederiasdeextremadura.es/hotel/hospederia-mirador-de-llerena

Hospedería Mirador de Llerena on a map

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