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After wandering around Hervás centre looking for a place for dinner we ended up in this little restaurant and it was a very good surprise. Read more about my impressions below and make sure you eat here when you visit Hervás.


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Restaurante La Parrilla is a small, family-owned and centrally located restaurant near plaza de la Corredera. The place doesn’t look amazing from outside, and it was the menu based on traditional dishes that made us decide to go in.

Inside is an open area with high ceilings and simple decoration. The strongest points of this place are the food (which is always the most important thing, isn’t it?) and the service. The restaurant is owned by a friendly couple. The woman takes care of the clients with a smile and happily explained what zorongollo was. Yes, I’m from Extremadura and I didn’t know what that was. This explains how varied our food can be and how similar dishes have different names and versions from one town to another!

These are the courses we ordered:



Classic salad from northern Extremadura with roasted red peppers, onion (thin slices), salt, olive oil and vinegar.


Huevos rotos

Literally meaning ‘broken eggs’, this dish consists of fried eggs that are ‘broken’ at the very last step of the cooking so the yolk mixes with the other ingredients. In this case, hand cut chips, roasted peppers and a touch of pesto. This is the kind of food that looks very messy, but is delicious.

huevos rotos

Main courses

Bacalao con salsa de boletus y nueces

Roasted fillet of cod served with a wild mushroom and walnut sauce, pesto and sprinkled with paprika from the nearby La Vera area. One word: gorgeous.


Caldereta extremeña

This dish of humble origins is one of the most Extremaduran things you can try. The caldereta is a lamb casserole cooked slowly with onions, peppers, olive oil, white wine, paprika and other spices such as oregano or thyme. This one was served with hand cut chips.


We were absolutely stuffed after the main and decided not to have desserts (I know). The portions were huge, even the starters, so we couldn’t really eat more.

Instead, we had the always-a-good-option acorn liqueur.

We paid €51 in total, which I found very decent for the quality of the food we had.

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Restaurante La Parrilla on a map

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