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Extremadura is a Spanish region with fascinating history, amazing food, 3 UNESCO sites and many charming little villages, but is also one of the least visited areas by foreigners. If you need inspiration for your next trip to Spain and want to go away from the masses, here you have 30 images to fall in love with Extremadura.


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Sierra de Gredos, Jaraíz de la Vera

Jaraíz de la Vera is located in the slopes of the Gredos mountain range.


Garganta La Olla, traditional house

Traditional house in Garganta la Olla built using adobe and chestnut tree wooden beams.


Pilatillas, Garganta la Olla

Natural pool ‘Pilatillas de Abajo’, in Garganta la Olla.


Monastery, Cuacos de Yuste

Emperor Charles I of Spain (Charles V of Germany) chose this hidden monastery to spend his last days.



Piornal, the highest town in Extremadura and home to a quirky festival where locals throw turnips at a man dressed up as the devil ‘Jarramplas’.


Jerte. Cherry blossom.

Cherry trees are in full bloom in Jerte.


Vultures, Alcántara

Vultures on top of Alcántara’s quarry.


Puebla de Alcocer, castle

Views from the tower keep of Puebla de Alcocer castle.


Houses in Alcántara

Houses in Alcántara


Extremadura-style scrambled eggs with wild mushrooms and asparagus

Extremadura-style scrambled eggs with wild mushrooms and asparagus. Restaurant: La alacena del castillo, in Puebla de Alcocer


Parque de los Pinos, Plasencia

Parque de los Pinos, Plasencia.


Puebla de Alcocer

Puebla de Alcocer has amazing views over several reservoirs.


Roman theatre, Merida

Mérida’s city centre is a UNESCO site, which includes its beautiful Roman theatre.


City centre, Cáceres

Lovely street in Cáceres’ city centre


Alburquerque castle

Alburquerque’s castle


Dehesa, Extremadura

Extremaduran ‘dehesa’


Roman theatre, Medellín

Medellín’s Roman theatre.


Cáceres' city centre

Cáceres’ city centre is a UNESCO site.


santa maria la mayor church, views from the tower

Amazing views from Santa María la Mayor church, Trujillo.


Black pigs

Black pigs having a ‘siesta’


García Sola reservoir

Stormy skies approaching García Sola reservoir.


Plaza Alta, Badajoz

Plaza Alta, Badajoz


Cat in the sun in Robledillo de Gata

Cat enjoying the sun on a roof, Robledillo de Gata.


Trujillo, Pizarro statue

The horse riding statue of conqueror Francisco Pizarro, in Trujillo’s main square.


Granadilla, castle

Views from Granadilla castle. The town was abandoned when they flooded it in order to build the reservoir. Today some streets have been rebuilt.


Los Pilones, Jerte

‘Los Pilones’, a natural pool in Garganta de los Infiernos Nature Reserve, in Jerte.


Goat, Jerte

I found a herd of goats during a walking tour in Garganta de los Infiernos Nature Reserve, in Jerte.


Extremadura, mountain road

Mountain road from Jerte to Hervás.


Hervás, traditional house

Traditional house in Hervás’ Jewish neighbourhood.


Granadilla, reservoir

Views of Gabriel y Galán reservoir, Granadilla


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