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Did you know that Extremadura’s wine making area is the second biggest in Spain? I’m quite sure this fact comes as a surprise, doesn’t it? Today’s article is an informative and visual overview of Extremadura using figures. What’s the highest town in Extremadura? How many foreigners live in the region? What’s the average price of a set menu? Find the answers to these and other questions about Extremadura below!

annual average temperature (in Celsius)

average sunshine hours per year

The average sunshine hours per year in London is 1,480.

the altitude (in metres) of Piornal, the highest town in Extremadura

maximum temperature (in Celsius) reached in summer every year


of the total surface are protected areas

special protection areas for the conservation of wild birds

wild bird species you can spot in Extremadura

inland beach awarded the blue flag (the only one in Spain)

Orellana reservoir

natural spots authorised for wild swimming

endangered animal species

Extremadura total population

It accounts for only 5% of the Spanish population

cities with a +50,000 population

Badajoz (149,892), Cáceres (95,617) and Mérida (58,971)

foreign population (3.7%)

8,856 are Romanian, 6,607 are Moroccan, 3,643 are Portuguese, 385 are British.

population density per square metre

The Spanish average population density per square metre is 92.

cities with a +30,000 population

Badajoz (149,892), Cáceres (95,617), Mérida (58,971), Plasencia (40,755), Don Benito (36,971) and Almendralejo (34,265)

tourists who visited Extremadura in 2015


visitors in 2015 were foreign

international airports

Extremadura’s only airport is located in Talavera la Real (Badajoz) and offers regular flights to Madrid and Barcelona.

daily average spend (in €) in accommodation per visitor in 2015

UNESCO sites

Mérida’s Archaeological Ensemble
Old Town of Cáceres
Royal Monastery of Santa María de Guadalupe

castles in the region

Most of them are free!

years an Iberian ham needs to cure for

professional ham masters from Extremadura

average price (in euro) of a 3-course +drink set menu

products awarded Certificates of Origin

Including Iberian ham, cherries, cheeses, wine, lamb and paprika

ha of land used for wine making

That’s the second biggest wine making area in Spain.

participants in Badajoz’s Carnival parades in 2016

festivals of National Tourist Interest

Jarramplas in Piornal, Badajoz Carnival, Cherry Blossom Festival, Easter in Badajoz, Easter in Jerez de los Caballeros and Easter in Mérida)

relevant music festivals

Womad, Extremúsika, Badassom, Contempopránea and Europa Sur

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