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Fuentes de León was our first overnight stop on our recent road trip around Badajoz province. If you find yourself in the area, read this article about Mirador de Fuentes before you book your accommodation.


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Here are my impressions about our stay:

Mirador de Fuentes: the room

Mirador de Fuentes, Fuentes de Leon

We stayed in a good-sized room with a comfortable double bed. The incredibly high ceilings and the tiled floors make it quite cold. This is perfect for the blisteringly hot summers around this area, but it took us a while to heat up the room.

The bathroom is outside the room, but we didn’t mind at all, as we weren’t sharing with anyone else. What I did mind was not having a hairdryer. I didn’t bring one with me and I had to set off in the morning to the next destination with my hair wet on a quite cold and foggy day. Not nice.

Mirador de Fuentes: the apartment

Mirador de Fuentes, Fuentes de Leon

We booked a one-bedroom apartment but were given a 2-bedroom one. It comprises of a large open-plan space with a small kitchen, a dining area and a small living room with a fireplace and a television. From the living room, you can access a covered area which leads to the terrace. It was very cold for us to use it, but it has great views over the town.

Mirador de Fuentes, Fuentes de Leon

Mirador de Fuentes, Fuentes de Leon

The place was very quiet during the night and we could not hear any neighbours at all. There is no wifi available in the property, but we only stayed there for one night, so we didn’t really miss it. Sometimes it’s good to switch off, don’t you think?

The location

Mirador de Fuentes, Fuentes de Leon

Regarding the location, the first I have to say is that there is a typo in the address provided and it took a while before we realised. The correct address is Cerca de Rubio s/n, which is near the medical centre, up on a windy slope. It’s a quiet place to stay with lovely views and there is free parking outside the apartment.

The tricky bits

The thing I like the least is the key collection process, which turned out very old-fashioned and not very efficient. Basically, you need to call the number provided on your booking confirmation for someone to pop by and give you the keys. The thing was that having a UK phone, I couldn’t call a Spanish mobile, as there is an international call bar in place. I had to call from Skype, but I only got a busy tone. I tried calling the phone number advertised on the front of the house (a different one) and it took 45 minutes for the owner to finally pick up. She apologised (they had been trying to call me back as well, to no avail) and phoned her local contact, who came to give us the keys. Tip: a call from Skype in advance to arrange an exact time for key collection.

Practical info

Score in Booking.com: 8.5/10
Address: Cerca de Rubio S/N, Fuentes de León, 06280.
Distance: 43 km from Jerez de los Caballeros; 51 km from Zafra; 112 km from Seville; 116 km from Mérida; 116 km from Badajoz.
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Mirador de Fuentes on a map


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