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The year is coming to an end and it’s time to review what we’ve done and what we’ve achieved. It’s been a very busy year for Piggy Traveller, with many articles written and a brand new blog in Spanish being launched back in May.

These have been the 10 most read posts this year, ranked by popularity:


1. 30 images to fall in love with Extremadura, Spain

Extremadura in images


2. Spanish rural little gems – Robledillo de Gata

Robledillo de Gata, Extremadura


3. Quirky place names in Extremadura translated into English

Extremadura Map


4. Zalamea de la Serena and Spain’s most famous mayor

the mayor of zalamea, street sign


5. When to go to Extremadura – Events calendar

Extremadura events


6. The last swim of the summer – Lago de Jaraíz

lago de jaraíz


7. Top 5 places for fishing in Extremadura (interview)

Embalse de Orellana


8. Alcántara, more than a bridge

Roman bridge, Alcantara


9. Planning a trip to Extremadura: how to get there

Extremadura road


10. Mérida day trip for nature lovers: Parque Natural de Cornalvo

dehesa, holm-oak wood

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Has your favourite post made it into the top 10?

Do you have any specific topic you would like to read about on the blog? Share your comments below!


Irene Corchado Resmella 

An Oxford-based English-Spanish sworn translator and content writer working as ICR Translations. I share my home region of Extremadura with the world to encourage travellers to discover a different Spain. Owner of Spanish blog The Curiolancer. Follow me on Instagram.

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