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You may be toying with the idea of visiting off-the-path Spanish destinations. Great! Is Extremadura on your list yet?

If you’ve heard of Extremadura before but can’t decide whether to go or not, I got something for you. I have created an easy-to-read and visually appealing guide to Extremadura for first-timers.

free travel guide to extremadura

What’s in the guide:

  • Information about the location, reasons to go and what to expect.
  • Practical information sections about how to get there, where to stay and what to eat and drink
  • A suggested travel itinerary visiting the top 3 city destinations.

It’s brief, useful and inspiring. And the best thing is that it’s FREE.

Yeah, that’s right. The guide is free to download and enjoy. The only thing you need to do to receive it is signing up to the newsletter. You can do that on the blog’s homepage or through Facebook. Once you’ve signed up you’ll receive an email with a link to download the guide.

What is involved in signing up?

It means that, apart from the guide, you’ll receive Piggy Traveller’s newsletter with the latest news and blog posts. Don’t worry about spam. I only send one newsletter per month! And if you get fed up of the newsletter you can unsubscribe at any time. No problem.


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Irene Corchado Resmella
Spanish Sworn Translator and Content Writer at ICR Translations
Spanish translator living in Oxford (UK) sharing my home region of Extremadura with the world to encourage travellers to discover a different Spain.
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