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Cáceres’ old city is one of the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Extremadura and an absolutely must if you visit the region. The city centre is brimming with beautiful Renaissance palaces, medieval alleyways paved with cobblestones, towers and lovely little squares with tons of charm.

After a recent visit to Cáceres I created an itinerary you can follow if you are visiting Cáceres for the first time and do not want to miss anything important.

Enjoy Cáceres!


Suggested itinerary

Time required: 4-5 hours

Starting and finishing point: plaza Mayor (main square)

Caceres itinerary image


1.   Plaza Mayor

Cáceres’ main square displays a unique architectural harmony, with its Arabic walls and tower, its 16th century arcade once used by merchants and craftsmen, and its elegant Townhall. There are a number of restaurants on one side of the square with very good options for lunch you may want to check out as well.


A view from the main square from Bujaco tower.


2.   Torre de Bujaco

From the top of this tower, built by the Arabs in the 12th century, you will have great views of the main square. Inside the tower there are several informational panels where you will learn about the history and the different cultures that shaped the city. The ticket costs €2.50 but, for only an additional €0.50 you can visit the only other tower open to the public (Torre de los Pozos).


3.   Arco de la Estrella

This Baroque-style arch was named after the virgin Virgen de la Estrella (you can see a small sculpture of her in a little shrine at the back of the arch).


4.   Plaza de Santa María

Two things will catch your eye in this charming square – the impressive Santa María church and the Palacio Episcopal, a stunning palace with a superb Renaissance facade located right opposite. For just €1 you can visit the church and climb up the tower. The views will leave you speechless.

Palacio Episcopal and Santa Maria square from the church tower.

Palacio Episcopal and Santa Maria square from the church tower.


5.   Plazuela del Socorro

One of the four gates that the city had during the Roman times was located in this little square, although only some remains can be seen. The highlight here is a gate built during the 18th century to connect the houses of two prominent families of the time.


6.   Plaza de Santiago

This square is literally one minute away from the plazuela del Socorro, and here you will see a Romanesque-style church and some beautiful facades of houses dating back quite a few centuries.


7.   Iglesia concatedral de Santa María

As previously mentioned, you can visit the church and climb at the tower (a must!) for just €1. Even though the church itself is quite impressive, what is really impressive are the magnificent views of the city centre. The church bells ring every hour and half hour, so bear that in mind when you decide to go up the tower.

Views from Santa Maria church tower


8.   Plaza de San Jorge

Yes, another church dominating a square, but this one is very impressive, with its white-painted, Baroque-style facade. Believe me if I tell you will soon find yourself looking up open-mouthed.

San Jorge church and square


9.   Arco del Cristo

This is the only Roman gate located in the walls that remains today and it is located in Cáceres’ Jewish district.

Arco del Cristo


10.   Iglesia y plaza de San Mateo

This Gothic church was built between the 18th and 19th centuries on the remains of a mosque. The remains of a number of local members of the nobility rest in several of its chapels.

San Mateo church


11.   Plaza de las Veletas

The highlight of this square is the Palacio de las Veletas, a palace that is home to the city museum. The square was originally part of an Arab castle. Proof of that is the basement of the city museum, where you can see a splendid Arab cistern.

Plaza de las Veletas


12.   Baluarte de los Pozos

With a single ticket you can visit both the Torre del Bujaco and the Baluarte de los Pozos, located in the San Antonio neighbourhood (the old Jewish district). The access to the tower (Torre de los Pozos) is through an old house and the views from the little garden on top of the tower are pretty awesome.

Baluarte de los Pozos


Stroll about Pedreros street and square (13), Ancha street (14) to Plaza San Mateo and continue down Condes street and Adv. Santa Ana enjoying the stunning architecture as you walk along.


15.   Plaza de las Piñuelas

From the balcony of this square you can see the city walls, a tower and the main square. Walk down the stairs and choose a bar to enjoy a drink after completing this itinerary. You deserve it!

Plaza de las Piñuelas


Link to the itinerary on Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=z4GvVQn3HxEA.kIU5olqUVJIY


Did you know?

There is another city called after Cáceres. Read the article ‘4 Latin American cities named after places in Extremadura‘.


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Population: +96,000
Distance: 300km from Madrid, 78km from Mérida and 92km from Badajoz
Tourist Office email: turismo.ayto-caceres.es



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