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Planning a trip to Extremadura and not sure where to stay? Find out the options you have in this article and book your accommodation in Extremadura wisely.

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Good for… tradition and luxury

Paradores are state-run luxurious establishments located in historical buildings, such as castles, monasteries and palaces. There are over 90 paradores in Spain and all of them are part of a chain. They offer high-quality accommodation in impressive buildings with facilities that may include spa, indoor pools, gym and high-end restaurants.

There are seven paradores in Extremadura and they are located in

  • Zafra (castle-palace from the 15th century)
  • Merida (former convent from the 18th century)
  • Caceres (Renaissance palace)
  • Trujillo (former convent from the 16th century)
  • Guadalupe (Royal Monastery, a Unesco World Heritage site)
  • Plasencia (monastery built in the 15th century)
  • Jarandilla de la Vera (castle from the 15th century)

Budget: €€€€-€€€€€

Rural accommodation in flats, houses and country villas

Good for… a friendly service and traditional breakfasts at family-run properties

By staying at apartamentos rurales and casas rurales you have the chance to interact with the local owners.  That is an advantage. They will provide you with invaluable tips to visit the local sights you won’t find anywhere else. If you choose a self-catering apartment you won’t have to depend on timetables so you can explore local restaurants. If possible, go for a breakfast included option. These properties usually serve traditional breakfasts, so don’t miss the chance of trying local homemade cakes and pastries!

Some of them may be self-catering accommodation

Budget: €€-€€€

Examples of rural accommodation: Villa Cardadorum (Ahigal), Casa Bethona (Jerte)


Good for… central locations and comfort

Hostels are a good option for travellers that look for an affordable place to stay in the main towns and cities. In general, they lack the character of rural properties, unless you opt for the most expensive ones.

Budget: €€-€€€€€

A few examples of hotels in Extremadura:

€€€€€ Atrio Restaurante Hotel (Cáceres) – 9.6/10

€€€€ Hotel Mérida Palace (Mérida) – 8.4/10

€€€€ Barceló Cáceres V Centerario (Cáceres ) – 8.1/10

€€€ Hotel Exe Alfonso VIII (Plasencia) – 8.2/10

€€ Sercotel Río Badajoz (Badajoz) – 7.5/10

Hostales and pensiones (guesthouses)

Good for… cheap stays of one or two nights

Hostales are similar to hotels, but of lower quality, and pensiones are guesthouses. They can be a good option if you are travelling with a low budget and just want a decent place to sleep for a night or two. No luxuries and no fancy decoration here. Wifi is not always guaranteed.

Budget: €€

A few examples of hostales below:

€€ Hostal Anas (Merida)

€€ Hostal Al Qazeres (Caceres)

€€ Hostal Trujillo (Trujillo)

Camping sites

Good for… families and countryside escapes

Camping sites may suit families on a road trip and looking for a cheap place to stay with the kids surrounded by nature. A good option if you are travelling with pets.

Budget: €-€€

The website eurocampings.co.uk shows 16 camp sites in Extremadura. Check the link to see availability and prices.


Good for… low budgets

Albergues are youth hostels (the concept of ‘hostel’ has yet to land properly here, so don’t expect cinema nights and pub crawls). Their rooms can accommodate from 2 to 8 people or more and have shared bathroom. If they are situated in rural locations, the staff usually organise a number of outdoor activities you can join.

Budget: €

A few examples of albergues in Extremadura:

Albergue rural Alberjerte (El Torno)

Albergue Santa Ana (Plasencia)

El Revellín albergue juvenil (Badajoz) – Information available in Spanish

Where to book accommodation in Extremadura

These are the websites with the highest number of properties available in Extremadura:

  • Infohostal.com has 735 available properties in Extremadura and specialises in hostales.
  • Booking.com has 648 available properties in Extremadura. It’s my personal favourite and the site I generally use to book most of my accommodation when I travel. You can book directly from the sidebar of this blog.
  • Rurality has 509 holiday cottages available.
  • Homeaway has 435 holiday homes available.


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