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 —Where are you from?

—I’m from Spain.


I have had this conversation a thousand times and I always fear that ‘Whereabouts?’ It’s quite hard to explain to a non-Spaniard where Extremadura is and quite often I end up drawing an invisible map of Spain in the air and pointing at some random location east of Portugal and west of Madrid.

Those really keen on knowing exactly where this mysterious area of Spain is ask ‘What is the nearest airport?’ ‘What is the nearest big city?’ My replies ‘We do not an international airport’ and ‘Well, my hometown is about a 2-hour drive from Seville’ do not help much, as most of the times the usual points of reference for foreigners are Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza or the tourist-packed resort destinations in Malaga coast.

This is why I came up with Piggy Traveller—to generate curiosity and an interest to discover Extremadura and to show you the amazing spots waiting to be explored in this overlooked part of Spain. Travelling is often associated with faraway lands and exotic countries and we forget there are incredible places just round the corner.

I love travelling everywhere I can, but now I am also determined to make the most of my trips back home to discover new places and re-discover places that I have already visited. I will be a traveller in my home region. And my travel companion will be Piggy, a fun black pig native of the Extremadura dehesa.



  • The first travel blog in English about Extremadura written by an Extremaduran person
  • First-hand information about towns and cities from a unique point of view
  • A personal and honest opinion about the places I write about
  • Culture and traditions-related information you will not find in travel guides
  • Loads of inspiration for your trip to Extremadura



  • To organise your trip to Extremadura. I am not a travel agent or a tourist guide. I can give some tips or information not covered on the blog, but I will not book your flights, tickets or accommodation.


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About the author

Please bear in mind English is not my native language. If you ever find a typo or grammar mistake in my articles, feel free to drop me a line and I will happily amend the text. (Don’t be too harsh with your comments, though!) If you have any comments or suggestions for Piggy Traveller, you can contact me on social media or by email  (irene [at] piggytraveller.com).

Thanks for reading!

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