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Day trips from Merida

As Extremadura’s capital, Merida is a lively place with lots to see and do. I personally recommend dedicating two full days to visiting the city to be able to take in all the sights without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. If you’re planning to stay in...

Travelling to Extremadura: how to get to Merida

Merida is a must-see destination for anybody planning a trip to Extremadura. The region’s capital city is home to a beautiful archaeological ensemble which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and has lots to see and do. Reaching Merida from abroad isn’t easy...

Roman architecture in Extremadura: Hijovejo

That Extremadura abounds in Roman sites is no secret. Mérida, Medellín, Cáceres or Alcántara are some of the destinations to visit if you’re interested in Roman history and architecture. However, they are many other Roman sites scattered throughout the region that are...

Going down the mine in Logrosán

Logrosán is a small town located in the southeast of Cáceres province within the Villuercas-Ibores-Jara Geopark area. Despite not being a particularly appealing destination, it once was an important mining town. In my last trip to Extremadura I visited the Costanaza...

Extremeños and penknives

Summer 1992 at a shopping centre in Vitoria, Basque Country. We were heading out after some afternoon family shopping, when the alarm went off. The security man approached my grandad, who was carrying a shopping bag. “Perdone, pero creo que lleva usted una alarma en...

Churros: getting it right

I know. Churros are not exclusive to Extremadura, but I thought the blog would be the best place for me to talk about this. This Spanish snack enjoys such popularity in the UK that the term is already included in the Oxford dictionary, and I don’t even have to...

A film and a book about Extremadura

You read a book or watch a film set in a specific destination, and then you can’t stop thinking about the place. Has it happened to you? Has a book or a film sparked your curiosity for travelling somewhere new? Are films and books part of your pre-trip learning...

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