10 things you’ll experience in rural Extremadura


Extremadura is the go-to destination for Spain lovers searching for a different experience. Are you a first-timer in Spain’s wild west? Then keep reading to discover the 10 things you’ll experience during a trip to rural Extremadura. You’ll be eyed up by locals   Don’t take it badly. You’ll probably be the only foreigner in […]

5+3 things not to miss in Badajoz

Badajoz, Extremadura

As a tourist destination, Badajoz is often overshadowed by more popular Mérida, Cáceres and Trujillo. That said, Extremadura’s biggest city is not to be overlooked. It offers enough local sights and attractions to keep you busy for a weekend. Here are 5 + 3 things not to miss during your visit to Badajoz. 1. The […]

Accommodation in Extremadura: Mirador de Fuentes, Fuentes de León

Mirador de Fuentes, Fuentes de Leon

Fuentes de León was our first overnight stop on our recent road trip around Badajoz province. If you find yourself in the area, read this article about Mirador de Fuentes before you book your accommodation. Here are my impressions about our stay: The room We stayed in a good-sized room with a comfortable double bed. […]

A castle, a cemetery and ‘jamón': visiting Montánchez, in Extremadura

Montánchez, Extremadura

Looking for a rural destination for a day trip from Mérida or Cáceres? Then get in the car and head to Montánchez, one of my latest discoveries during my winter break in Extremadura. Montánchez is a little town halfway between Cáceres and Mérida, set on the slopes of its castle and overlooking the dehesa. Its […]

Visit Spain’s best cemetery in Montánchez, Extremadura

Cemetery in Montanchez, Extremadura

For some, cemeteries are creepy places to avoid. For others, they are peaceful and fascinating places to explore. If you find them interesting, I have a suggestion for you today—Montánchez cemetery. Montánchez is a small town in the centre of Extremadura, halfway between Cáceres and Mérida. And here’s where you’ll find the best cemetery in […]

Very Extremeño things: the ‘salita’


Today I invite you to virtually peek into my parents’ house to explain a very extremeño concept in our houses–the ‘salita’. Let me start by explaining what a ‘salita’ is not. It’s not a living room or a sitting room, because it’s not big enough to accommodate guests. Here you won’t find several sofas, armchairs […]

Walking in Extremadura: Villanueva de la Serena-Magacela

Magacela, Extremadura

Every time I go back to Extremadura I try to include a day of walking in my agenda. I tend to eat a lot while I’m there (a classic when you are at mom’s), so a good walk keeps me, if not fit, at least guilt-free. Today I’m sharing a recent walking route I did with my […]

Spanish traditional clothes: Extremadura and its regional costume


Spain is a country with a rich and varied regional culture and, unlike other countries, we don’t have such thing as a national costume. Foreigners often associate Spain with the ‘traje de flamenca’, but that outfit is worn by Andalusian women during festivals only. Each region in Spain has its own costume. On my recent […]

7+1 Instagram accounts to follow if you like Extremadura

Instagram accounts

Are you an active Instagram user? Are you looking for inspiration for your trip to my beloved Extremadura? Then this post is for you. I have selected the 7+1 Instagram accounts you should follow if you like Extremadura. Whether you are interested in urban escapes, food, nature, sports or hidden places, here you’ll find something […]